Insider Louisville • By Terry Boyd • October 22, 2013

As former President George H.W. Bush so eloquently phrased it, “It’s the vision thing.”

Not everyone has it. In fact, very few Louisville leaders have it, which may be why we’re not growing.

But, Steve Poe, CEO of Louisville-based developer The Poe Companies, has it.

Poe, like CITY Properties Managing Partner Bill Weyland, is one of Louisville’s transformers. Poe and Weyland together have done more transformative downtown projects than we have room to list here.

In any other city, the stretch of River Road along the Ohio River from Zorn Avenue into downtown would have long ago been lined with housing and restaurants.

Only now is Louisville getting back to its roots as a river town, with Poe the lone residential/retail developer so far cozying up to Louisville Waterfront Park and the Big Four Bridge.

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